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AAVP – African AIDS Vaccine Programme
The mission of AAVP is to advocate and support a coordinated effort to contribute to the global HIV vaccine development goals, ensuring that appropriate and affordable vaccines are developed for Africa in the shortest possible time.

AVAC – AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition
AVAC is a community and consumer based organization that provides independent analysis, policy advocacy, public education and mobilization to enhance AIDS vaccine research and development.

AFAO – Australian Federation of AIDS Organizations
AFAO is the peak non-government organisation representing Australia's community-based response to HIV/AIDS.

Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise
The Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise is a new alliance of independent organizations around the world dedicated to accelerating the development of a preventive HIV vaccine.

HAVEG – HIV/AIDS Vaccines Ethics Group
HAVEG aims to facilitate the ethical conduct of HIV vaccine trials in South Africa.

HVTN – HIV Vaccine Trials Network
HVTN is an international collaboration of scientists and educators searching for an effective and safe HIV vaccine.

IAVI – International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
IAVI is a global not-for-profit organization working to speed the search for a vaccine to prevent HIV infection and AIDS.

KAVI – Kenyan AIDS Vaccine Initiative
KAVI is collaborating with international partners to develop a vaccine that is effective in protecting vaccinated individuals from getting HIV/AIDS.

NIH – US National Institutes of Health
This web site provides a comprehensive overview of AIDS vaccine discovery and development.

Online NewsHour: The AIDS Crisis
The Newshour's continuing coverage of the AIDS epidemic.

Rx for Survival
This companion site looks at the most critical and emerging threats to global public health and chronicles the leaders who, against all odds, deliver the goods.

SAAVI – South African AIDS Vaccine Initiative
SAAVI contributes to international scientific knowledge through its focus on the development of subtype C HIV/AIDS vaccines.

UVRI – Ugandan Virus Research Institute
The UVRI/IAVI HIV Vaccine program in Entebbe is one of the many sites in the development of an HIV Vaccine where volunteers can participate in a trial.

United States Military HIV Research Program
Researchers within the program draw on the military medical community's vast experience and expertise in vaccine research.

VRC – Vaccine Research Center
The Dale and Betty Bumpers VRC at the National Institutes of Health was established to facilitate research in vaccine development.

Wide Angle: AIDS Warriors
Learn about the spread of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa and how Angola may be poised to become a testing-ground for AIDS education, military reform, and civic openness.

WHO-UNAIDS HIV Vaccine Initiative
The mission of the WHO-UNAIDS HIV Vaccine Initiative is to promote the development, facilitate evaluation, and address future availability of preventive HIV vaccines, with a focus on the need of developing countries.

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