Video Transcript

Announcer: This season on Everyday Edisons, 12 new inventors…

Inventor 1: Our invention is a revolutionized book cover.

Inventor 2: I came up with a modular…

Inventor 3: This is my invention.

Inventor 2: Adjustable…

Inventor 4: What I’ve invented here…

Inventor 2: Portable…

Inventor 4: Is called a Skate Scepter.

Inventor 2: Relatively affordable…

Inventor 5: And I invented a multipurpose dog leash.

Inventor 2: Single unit game table.

Announcer: Hand picked from a field of thousands, have their dream ideas transformed into reality by a team of product development experts.

Expert 1: It needs to be more unique than what it is.

Expert 2: I really like the smaller size. You know the smaller the better.

Expert 3: When you understand a product like this and how it interacts with the user, it helps you to design it better, more effectively.

Announcer: Will two teenage sons of a famous football coach see their invention score with major retailers?

Inventor 1a: Well I’m just ready for the whole experience, how it’s going to turn out, the production of it, it’ll just be neat.

Inventor 1b: I just want to see it on the shelf you know? Pick it up, hold it, you know, actually use it.

Announcer: Will a southern Californian businessman, who escaped Vietnam as a child, finally live the American dream?

Inventor 6: I take this opportunity as the greatest gift that God has given to me.

Announcer: What obstacles with the development team have to overcome to get all 12 new inventions to market?

Expert 4: I don’t really believe in it.

Expert 5: We’ve basically lost two months on the project in research and we’ve got to make that up very quickly.

Announcer: Find out on this season of Everyday Edisons.