Exploring Space - The Quest for Life Exploring Space - The Quest for Life Exploring Space - The Quest for Life
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How did life begin? Are we the only intelligent life in the universe? The key to unraveling the mysteries about the origins of life may just exist in space. Every day, new discoveries inch us closer to answering these cosmic questions-renewing our dreams of what lies in the unknown realms of the stars. A co-production with NHK, the largest broadcaster in Japan, KCTS/Seattle brings national public television audiences Exploring Space: The Quest for Life.

Filmed in state-of-the-art HDTV, each minute is packed with expert scientific interviews and their first-hand opinions about the possibility of life beyond Earth, as well as the history and the latest developments in Astrobiology, one of the hottest fields in science today. This is an unparalleled "you are there" viewing experience, with original, computer-animated deep-space imagery from one of Japan's leading animators, Mr. Takashi Watabe, famed for his work in such animated films as Akira, Avalon 2001 and Ghost in the Shell.

Exploring Space: The Quest for Life will trace the links between life on Earth and the rest of the universe-in the most realistic but spectacular fashion. Viewers will zoom through space alongside a meteor the size of a small city and learn how millions of years of cosmic activity have helped to create life on our planet. They'll rocket at thousands of miles an hour at a surface-hugging altitude of 50,000 feet over the ice fields of Europa and explore the search for water and possible life on other worlds. Walking the surface of Mars with the first crew to explore the red planet, viewers will focus on man's first small step to the stars and examine the question if settling deep space will alter the course of human destiny. This is an unforgettable, informative adventure that will bring audiences as close to space as humanly possible without ever leaving their home.