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BRAZIL - Curitiba's Urban Experiment, December 2003
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master plan: history
master plan: future
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Cassio Taniguchi Jamie Lerner
The Minds Behind Curitiba's Master Plan

As I continued on my search to uncover the story behind Curitiba's model, I discovered that for the most part, the keys to its current urban successes lie in the visions of those who created the Curitiba Master Plan. To ensure that their ideas would be realized, many planners and architects sought and served public office, where they had the power to implement them. Meet two of the visionaries who for nearly four decades were intimately involved in and responsible for the city's urban experiment. In their own words, they share the secrets of Curitiba's success and track the city's impact on the rest of the world.

Cassio Taniguchi, a civic engineer, now serving as Curitiba's mayor, is leading the city through a new century of growth.

Jamie Lerner, architect and three-term mayor of Curitiba, has a mission: to export the Curitiba model to cities around the world.