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Sri Lanka - Living With Terror

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The day after video journalist Joe Rubin landed in Sri Lanka, a suicide bomber attempted to kill the prime minister. The assassination attempt failed but six civilians were killed. Arriving at the scene, Rubin realized that he was standing in a sea of body parts. It was the beginning of a six-week journey exploring how an island paradise had become a killing ground. watch video >>
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Reporter's Diary

The Making of a Suicide Bomber
An exclusive interview with a Sri Lankan newspaper editor who risks his life to speak out against his fellow Tamils' suicide bombings and a Q & A with terrorism expert Rohan Gunaranta, PhD.

A Lonely Warrior for Human Rights
A profile of Rajan Hoole, the Oxford-educated mathematics professor who has spent the past two decades exposing human-rights abuses on all sides in Sri Lanka. FRONTLINE/World met with the professor in Colombo.

Fighting Terror with Paint Brushes
As suicide bombings in Colombo became almost routine, a group of artists decided to fight back. See a slideshow of their work: street murals painted at the sites of bombings, commemorating the dead and speaking powerfully to the living.

From Anil's Ghost, by Michael Ondaatje
These excerpts from the novel by Michael Ondaatje, author of The English Patient, provide a fictional window into Sri Lanka's complicated and violent history.