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Lillian Orlowsky
James Gahagan. The catwalk became our forum for exchange of ideas of pictorial reality and chit-chat. In the late 50s, my husband, William Freed and I moved from Days Lumber Yard and built our studios on Brewster Street. Provincetown and the Provincetown Art Association provided an umbrella for artists of all schools of thought. The town and PAAM continue to encourage and accept controversial aesthetic ideas.

The future for me means new challenges, new experiences, and new creative possibilities. George McNeil had it right: “The first eighty years are the hardest, so now I hope for the best: freedom leading to more freedom.”

Lillian Orlowsky was born and raised in New York City, where she still currently resides. Appropriately, one of her first exhibitions was at the New York World’s Fair in 1939. In addition to painting, she has acted as a textile designer, a gallery director, a curator and a teacher. (continued)

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“This is a man who enjoyed nature, who enjoyed being
with nature and going around and experiencing it.” -Lillian Orlowsky
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