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Mercedes Matter
The following fall, I joined the class of Hans Hofmann at the Art Student’s League and studied with him on and off until 1935. He brought the consciousness and excitement of the Paris avant-garde to a New York where many young artists were avidly hungry for what he had to give. Although I never studied formally with my father, what I learned from Hofmann made me better understand my father’s criticisms of my work and his conversations about art.

Thanks to the W.P.A., I had the opportunity to paint for several years without having to get a job. On the mural project under the administration of Burgoyne Diller, I had the chance to work with Fernand Léger on a projected mural for the French Line. Later I worked with him again privately on another projected mural.

I was an original member of the American Abstract Artists, and I showed with them annually. (continued)

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“The nature of painting doesn’t change because some trend wants to make it
something else. Hofmann’s theories are still relevant. ” -Mercedes Matter
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