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"Music is for the people. For all of us, the dumb, the deaf, the dogs and jays, the quick, handclappers, dancing moon watchers, brainy puzzlers, abstracted whistlers, fingersnapping time keepers, crazy, weak, hurt, weed keepers, the strays. The land of music is everyone’s nation - her tune, his beat, your drum - one song, one vote."

Eric Stokes (1930-1999), composer, teacher, and former American Composers Forum board president

Welcome! On the following pages you'll learn how your organization can commission a new musical work, and how you can get the greatest benefit from the experience of working with a composer. This toolkit represents what the American Composers Forum has learned in creating and leading community-based commissioning programs since 1973.

If you have any questions related to the contents of this toolkit, please contact:

American Composers Forum
332 Minnesota St., E-145
St. Paul, MN 55101

Designing Your Project
Finding a Composer
The Residency
The Premiere
Residency Activity Check-list
Sample Letter of Agreement

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