Hiden India: The Kerala Spicelands Sunset with Palm Trees
kerala & her spices
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The three ancient kingdoms of Kerala
The three ancient regions of Kerala.

Kerala is a thin slice of land lying along India's southwest west coast. In length 360 miles, the state is only 20 to 70 miles in width and comprises 1 percent of India's total land. Most of its 30 million people live along a narrow strip of flat land adjacent to the Arabian and Lakshwadeep Seas to the west. To the east the land rises to form the scenic
Cardamon Hills or the Western Ghat Mountain Range. Here small settlements, wildlife refuges, and spectacular-looking tea plantations dominate the landscape. The climate ranges from hot and humid in the coastal lowlands (80 degrees-90 degrees), to mild with cooler evenings in the hills. Yet every year, in the late spring and again in the fall, rain-bearing monsoons sweep the land, in some areas leaving some 200 inches of rain. Though densely occupied, Kerala is one of India's most beautiful of India's 28 states. It is also one of the most culturally interesting places in the world