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Please know that we, the small staff at Hometime, get a flood of e-mail every day and regret that we are unable to respond to most of the e-mail we receive. In particular, we are not available to answer the multitude of e-mails related to getting your house on the show or asking for advice on your project. For more details see Hometime FAQs.

And while we can no longer respond to feedback e-mails, we do read every single one because we find your comments about the Hometime TV show and web site invaluable.


For comments-good or bad-about something you saw online or on Hometime programming. We will read and archive these e-mails, but cannot respond to them.

Sales and Marketing
For inquiries about becoming a advertiser or vendor only, please.

Press Inquiries
For Hometime press-related inquiries only, please. Call 800-489-9955 x114.

Personal Appearances
For home & garden show-promoter inquiries only, please. Call 800-489-9955 x133.

For broken links and other technical site issues regarding only, please.


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