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The Hometime top-ten most frequently asked questions

How do I get my house on Hometime?

Many of you have really special houses and plans for some interesting renovation projects. We wish we could come work with you—but we can't.

We're sorry to say that we probably will not be able to come work on your home. There are two primary reasons for that. First and foremost, because we keep several projects going at a time and bounce around among them, we work almost exclusively in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota. Second, there are many, many factors that we have to consider in picking a home and a project. The chances that your project will satisfy all of these factors are pretty slim.  In fact, in almost 20 years of doing Hometime we've never received an unsolicited proposal that has come close to meeting all our requirements. Occasionally (every 5-10 years it seems) we quietly spread the word in the surrounding towns here that we're looking for local projects.  If you live near Chaska, Minnesota you should keep your eye on the suburban newspapers.

Help! Will you give me advice on my project?

No, and here's why. Last time you discussed a project with someone, we bet it wasn't long before you said, "Wait. Got a pen? Let me draw what I mean." It's really hard to give advice about a project you can't see. All it would take is the slightest miscommunication on your part or the tiniest misunderstanding on our part about the scope of the project, and we'd be unintentionally giving you advice that won't really help your situation. You'd be mad at us, our lawyers would be mad at us…

Here's what you do: talk to your neighbors; log onto a good home-improvement forum; watch a tape and read a book or two; call your local building department; pay a contractor for their advice. Trust us, if you do this you'll figure out how to get the job done.

Where can I get more information about that thingamajig I saw on the show?

All of our show highlights and past episode pages contain information about the products shown. If the product you saw was on a recent PBS episode, start your search with current programming. If you saw the product on a past episode, start in the past shows section.

How do I get my exciting new home-improvement product on your show?

We will be happy to consider your product for use on Hometime if you snail-mail us a press kit and product literature (photographs really help). Please do not send videotapes or product samples; we'll call and ask for them if we need them. Our address is:

ATTN: New products
4355 Peavey Rd.
Chaska, MN 55318

Don't get too excited about the possibilities, though. We receive hundreds of proposals each month for products that people feel should be on Hometime. Only very rarely do these proposals fit in with our construction, schedule, and show concepts.

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