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Habitat Work Site



Habitat Work Site



Habitat Work Site

Habitat for Humanity

Why We Got Involved

In the early days of Hometime every episode included a short travel segment. These segments were loosely related to whatever project we were doing. We went to the redwood forest, Winchester mansion, Hearst Castle, the set of Dallas, the House of Seven Gables, various factories, and the very first Jimmy Carter Work Project in Charlotte, NC.

Have you ever been on a Habitat work site during a blitz build or a Carter Work Project? If so, you know that amazing Habitat energy that sweeps up everybody in its path. That energy, our interview with Jimmy Carter, and the research we did for the story convinced us that this was a group with a worthwhile goal and that we wanted to continue our involvement.

We decided that the most valuable contribution we could make would be to continue to feature Habitat projects on Hometime. That would help boost public awareness, garnering more volunteers and donations for Habitat. We decided to dedicate at least one episode each year to covering some aspect of Habitat. The fit with our audience was a natural: we figured that Hometime viewers would be interested in the subject matter and that they would make ideal Habitat volunteers.

Habitat Projects Featured on Hometime

1988 Charlotte, NC
Jimmy Carter Work Project

1989 Milwaukee, WI
Jimmy Carter Work Project

1991 Minneapolis, MN
Four episodes about what goes into a typical Habitat rehab project.

1992 St. Paul, MN
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity teams up with a for-profit developer to build a mixed-unit, mixed-income development.

1993 Minneapolis, MN
We work with volunteers from RFC to build an accessible house.

1994 Bay Area
We visit projects in San Francisco, Oakland, and Walnut Grove and take a look at how the affordable housing shortage is being addressed in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country.

1995 Eagle Butte, SD
Jimmy Carter Work Project

1996 Hutchinson, MN and Minneapolis, MN
Robin spends a day working with small new affiliate while Dean spends the day with a larger established affiliate.

1997 Kentucky
Jimmy Carter Work Project

1998 Philadelphia, PA
We explore the effect of Habitat homes on families, neighborhoods, and volunteers.

1999 St. Paul, MN
Hometime participates in the restoration of a historic row house.

2000 St. Paul, MN
Hometime employees and production crew spend a day to help renovate a home for a deserving, low-income family.

2001 St. Paul, MN
500 women team up for a WomenBuild project in which they'll build 2 houses in 25 days.

2002 New Hope, MN
Habitat volunteers and staff along with The Courage Center help to build a handicapped accessible home for a deserving couple.


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