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The Boat aka Das Boot (1981). (Dubbed). Directed by Wolfgang Petersen.
A graphic and gripping tale that follows the daring patrol of U-96, one of the famed German U-boats known as 'The Grey Wolves'. The film portrays the crew in a desperate life or death struggle, coping with endless hours of claustrophobic boredom at sea, which gives way to terror of enemy attack.

The Battle of Midway (1976). Directed by Jack Smight.
Drama that chronicles the great naval battle of Midway in the south pacific, where the U.S. Navy won an astounding victory.

Sink The Bismarck! (1960). Directed by Lewis Gilbert.
The story of the allied campaign to locate, attack and destroy Germany's largest battle ship at anchorage in Norway in the spring of 1941.

Enemy Below (1957). Directed by Dick Powell.
The captain of a U.S. destroyer begins a game of cat and mouse with the commander of a German U-Boat.

The Sea Shall Not Have Them (1955). Directed by Lewis Gilbert.
A daring race against time to save air commander Waltby and his crew before they drown in the enemy- mined sea.

About Us The Waves (1955). Directed by Ralph Thomas.
The dramatic story of Britain's attempt to sink the German warship Tirpitz in a Norwegian fjord using midget submarines.

The Cruel Sea (1953). Directed by Charles Frend.
Powerful and moving documentary-style account of life onboard a British warship during the Battle of the Atlantic during World War II.

Operation Pacific (1951). Directed by George Waggner.
An all-action story of the skipper of the submarine USS Thunderfish.

We Dive At Dawn (1943). Directed by Anthony Asquith.
The crew of the British submarine are faced with mines, destroyers and torpedoes as they attempt to target the German warship Brandenburg located in the Baltic.

In Which We Serve (1942). Directed by Noel Coward/David Lean.
Story of the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Torrin told through the memories of survivors showing the ordeals and achievements from her commissioning to her sinking in battle.