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HMS Hood Association
Official site of the HMS Hood Association. Contains a definitive history of the Hood, details of the crew and ship and current association news and events.

British Navy Ships - HMS Hood (1920-1941)
Contains a history of the battle cruiser and an online picture and photographic library.

Laying Down of the HMS Hood
Discussion page about the date of the laying down of HMS Hood.

Royal Navy Career History - Hood
Chart contains summary of all relevant information about the ship. Also features a career summary and details of battle honours.

The Loss of the Hood
Site includes a four part technical re-examination of the battle cruiser and comprehensive and accurate information on the ballistics and armour penetration capabilities of German guns of the period.

The WWII Sounds and Pictures Page
Features a download of German Ministry of Propaganda news bulletin announcing the sinking of the Hood in operations against the Bismarck.

World War 2 - U-boats, Hood, Bismarck
Details of all Royal Navy campaigns from January - May 1942, with summary of events and losses.

Report on the Loss of HMS Hood

Transcripts of the Admiralty document which contains information about both the first and second board of enquiry into the loss of the Hood.

The Hood and the Bismarck
Documents the confrontation between these mighty vessels.

Battle of the Denmark Strait 24 May 1941

Essay giving details on the battle between Hood and Bismarck.

The Bismarck

Bismarck and Tirpitz Online
Site contains letters, documents, interviews with crew, details of battles and technical information on the warships.

The Battleship Bismarck - The Iceland Battle
Contains a history and technical information about the Bismarck.

Battleship Bismarck Legend Lives
Dedicated to those who lost their lives on the Bismarck and the Hood. Provides full battle history of the two ships.

Bismarck 1941
Details the history of the sinking of the Bismarck and contains photographs of the ships before and during battle.

General Battleship Information

Battleship Links
A comprehensive guide to relevant naval sites including history, general interest and technical information on individual ships.

International Naval Research Organisation
Dedicated to the encouragement of the study of naval vessels and their histories, principally in the era of iron and steel warships.

World War One - The Maritime War
Variety of information on all aspects of naval warfare from ships, weapons and campaigns to people and personalities.

The Search

ABC News: Titanic-type steel in the HMS Hood

Article about how researchers are to mount an expedition to locate and film the wreck of the Hood and investigate the reason for its sinking.

J-Marr Limited
Details of the company that operates and charters search vessels.

Insite Tritech
Leading manufacturers and suppliers of underwater video systems.

Oceaneering International
Provides engineering services to those who operate in marine, space or other harsh environments.