Covers of some of the Black Panther Paper
The Black Panther Intercommunal News Service was first published on April 25, 1967. The first issue was called The Black Panther Community News Service and featured the front cover story "Why Was Denzil Dowell Killed?" who was shot in the back by Police in Richmond, California. The paper was distributed in many locales across the country and overseas.

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As the official voice of the Black Panther Party, it was a tool to expound on the party's ideologies and affairs as well as news from the local community and other revolutionary struggles around the world. The subjects covered were varied and of great interest to the community: information about the party; the criminal justice system; education; employment; housing; police; politics; community services.

The paper was a great source of revenue for the national party and local chapters, of whom each member was responsible for selling a certain number of papers. At the height of the Papers popularity, the circulation was more than 100,000 copies per week. The paper began as a monthly publication in 1967, was a weekly by 1968, remained that way until 1978 and eventually folded in 1980.
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