The Waiting Room Bonus Videos: More People, More Perspectives

October 21, 2013 by Craig Phillips in Uncategorized

the Waiting Room, at Highland Hospital

All of these clips come courtesy of Waiting Room filmmaker Peter Nicks and his “Storytelling Project,” which is found on the official site for the film. Consider these mini-features “bonus material” to accompany the main feature, adding extra layers to the tapestry. (Naturally, a disclaimer: the opinions expressed in these video clips do not necessarily reflect those of Independent Lens.) The Waiting Room premieres tonight, Monday, October 21, 2013, at 10 p.m. (check local listings).

In this clip, hospital staff discuss the connections they make and the interactions they have with patients, both adult and younger.

Chris Booda Reguilon and friend Robert Fulkerson talk about the wonderful “carnival of humanity” that passes through the Highland Hospital ER.

Jorge Powinforbes, a diabetic, talks about how easy access to health care in his native Guyana encourages people to visit health clinics and hospitals more often.

Shams Aruobi discusses trying to get his life back on track after being released from prison. Aruobi and his family left Afghanistan when he was a child.

7-year-old Nia Walker is treated for her asthma problems. After the doc checks her out, Nia sips on a carton of milk while her parents discuss health care costs, universal health care, and the high asthma rates of African Americans.

Highland Hospital Volunteer Lucy Ogbu, originally from Nigeria, talks about her desire to help communities in need and her dream of becoming a doctor.

In this moving clip, William Morgan and his three sons Matthew, Joshua and Andrew wait for their mom to get medication to treat her diabetes. Morgan reflects on his family and their times of economic hardship.

For more clips from The Waiting Room‘s Storytelling Project, go here.

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