• BY Bill Ross & Turner Ross | IN Identity
    Premiered December 14, 2010

About the Film

45365 explores the congruities of daily life in an American town – Sidney, Ohio. An inquisitive look at the lives and landscapes that make up this community of 20,000 people, the camera captures the complexities and ambiguities of their shared experience. The characters speak and act for themselves, and as themselves, as their stories coalesce into a mosaic of faces, places, and events. It is a vèritè look at everyday life in Middle America. MORE

Set against the backdrop of small-town western Ohio, the film lays bare the inner workings of a community and the ways in which its people interact and socialize. From the patrol car to the courtroom, the playground to the nursing home, the parade to the prayer service, it explores their relationships and interactions with each other and their environment. Father and son, boyfriend and girlfriend, cop and criminal, officials and the electorate, patrons and providers — it is a portrait of the city and its people.

Sidney is the small town experience. It is a community of schools and sports and factories and neighborhoods and familiarity. Sidney is not without social hierarchy or crime, or any of the other concerns that are more often associated with more populated urban areas. They are just played out on a smaller stage. It is a microcosm of American life.

Filmed over the course of nine months by two men raised in that town — natives with an intrinsic knowledge of their community and a feel for the tides of the town — 45365 encapsulates the magnitude of small-town America. Sidney and its people offer themes that we can all relate to — no matter how geographically different our experiences.

The Filmmakers

Bill and Turner Ross

45365 is Bill and Turner Ross’s debut film. It was the winner of 2009's SXSW Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature. The sibling team has gone on to receive numerous awards and nominations, including the Independent Spirit Truer Than Fiction Award; nominations for Editing, Cinematography, and Debut Feature at the Cinema Eye Honors; and a nomination for the London BFI Grierson Award. Their documentary, fiction, and multi-media short films have been featured at museums and film festivals throughout the world. LESS

Film Credits

Production, Cinematography, Picture/Sound Editing
Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross

Assisted by
Alex Ross

Sound Finishing/Editing
Lawrence Everson

Picture Finishing
Markus Rutledge
Randy Wedick
Josiah Howison

Additional Photography
Eric Hewitt
Cameron Cabe

Jeff Larger
Charles Liddy
Sonya Phillips
Alan Reid
Bill Ross III
Ben Westfall

Special Thanks
11th Hour Theatre Company
Mark Ahrens
Tommy Austin
William Balling
Band Pro Film & Digital
Robert Berger
Jeff Billiel
Zack Bosslet
Jeff Brey
Dan Cairns
Erika Camp
Justin Canada
Sherrie Casad-Lodge
Chilly Jilly's
Ernie Coberly
Victor Colon
Chuck Craynon
Cortney Davis
Emily Doenges
Brian Donoher
Dorothy Love Retirement Community
Downtown Barbershop
Jeff Dwyer
Justin Dwyer
David Eberhardt
Seth Emmons
Christie Evans
Nathan Furman
Doc Fox
Jason Fox
Jordan Fox
Xavier Foye
Geoff Garmhausen
Koddy Goings
Cece Green
John And Marna Gutman
Holy Angels Church
Michael Jannides
Jim Jennings
Aace Johnson
Tyler Jonas
Jack Kramer
Aaron Lacey
Tony And Jill Larger
Melissa Leingang
Stacey Lemaster
John Lenhart
Charlie Liddy
Don And Ardiss Luce
Dustin Mahrt
Frank Mariano
Juanita Mccrum
Lee Meyer
Duane Moore
Dwight Moore
Mindy Moore
Mount Vernon Baptist Church
Angela Payne
Craig Pohl
Tom Powers
Thom Price
Chris Rady
The Rainbow
Beth Ramer
Brad Reed
Alison Reid
Dave Ross
Patti Ross
Kyle Rouse
Kurt And Jerri Sawyer
Louis And Kathleen Schmitt
Shady Bowl Speedway
Dr. Sharon Sherry
City Of Sidney
Sidney City Council
Sidney High School Football Team
Sidney High School Staff And Student Body
Sidney Police Department
Sidney Daily News
Spectrum Tattoo
Andy And Andrea Steenrod
Mark Tennery
Betty Thompson
Brad Van Tilburgh
Libby Van Treese
Rich Wallace
Steve Wearly
Tom Westfall
Sarah Wolters
Jeff Wood
Bill Zimmerman Jr.

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What makes a town or city quintessentially American?
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What makes a town or city quintessentially American?