image map with 3 links Disconnected: Politics, the Press and the Public 
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image map with 4 links Is it a rumor or is it news?
What stories get covered? Who decides?
Is a candidate entitled to a private life?
What are my responsibilities as a media consumer?
Whom do I listen to? Whom do I believe?

Warning: you will not find the answers to these questions on this web site... but you will find provocative opinions and lively debate.

Your opinion counts, in Spotlight on Issues, where you can see -- and vote on -- comments by some of our panelists.

You'll find a rich Resources section containing direct links to organizations involved with politics and the media. There, you can download our extensive Discussion Guide, which tells you how to create activities and discussions in your community or school. Learn more about starting a dialogue in the Take Action section.

Please join us, and remember: your opinion counts!

DISCONNECTED: Politics, the Press and the
Public premiered on PBS stations on Friday,
June 2, 2000.
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