DISCONNECTED: Politics, the Press and the Public
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Download the Discussion Guide, designed to help you create a dialogue on these issues and inspire activities in your community.
Discussion Guide
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A Letter From Ruth Friendly

The election process in our country has always been a fascinating puzzle, and the role of our free press has always been a critical piece of that puzzle. Today, a new media environment is making campaign coverage increasingly instantaneous and pervasive, and this is raising provocative questions. As we read and watch the news about the presidential election we have to wonder -- "Whom do I believe?" "What do I believe?" "What stories get covered?" "Who decides?" and "How does the media affect the election process?"

These types of questions and their significance to our democracy prompted The Fred Friendly Seminars to produce DISCONNECTED: Politics, the Press and the Public. The program challenges you to think about the different points of view that politicians and the press bring to a campaign and our responsibilities as media consumers and citizens. We have designed this Web site, and the Discussion Guide to support your efforts to engage these issues and to inspire activities in your community and school. We hope you will get a dialogue started about media coverage that can make a difference in connecting the public and the election process.

At Fred Friendly Seminars, we want to use the Internet as a forum to share ideas, so report back to us on what you did in your community or school, what came out of these efforts, and what you learned. We'll post what you tell us on our site at www.fredfriendlyseminars.org as part of our effort to connect!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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