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video 10
Columnist Stanley Crouch and Dean Karen Rothenberg, in the roles of husband and wife, argue whether they should partake in a study to determine whether there is a gene that predisposes certain people to alcoholism.
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video 11
Nadine Strossen, president of the ACLU, points out one of the greatest fears of genetic research: that certain disenfranchised groups may be targeted by policies intended to weed them out of the gene pool.
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video 12
Attorney Johnnie Cochran and Dr. David Goldman, neurogeneticist, in the roles of lawyer and scientific witness for a fictitious man from Tracy Island charged with murder, try to determine the impact research on behavioral genetics will have on the law.
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video 13
Professor Evan Balaban outlines what areas of genetic research on behavior might be most fruitful, and what areas might lead to serious repercussions for certain groups of people.
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