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Synopsis of Who Gets to Know?

In this program's hypothetical scenario, Arthur Miller leads the panel in an intense discussion that reveals the far-reaching implications of genetic testing. Playing the role of Artie, a middle-aged man who has lost several close relatives to colon cancer, he visits his doctor, who recommends that he undergo genetic screening that may reveal an increased risk of certain forms of cancer. Artie's sister, role-played by Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, says she would decline a screening because it might jeopardize her insurance coverage. Artie goes ahead with the test, which does reveal a genetic abnormality that links to an increased incidence of developing cancer. What are the implications for Artie's physical and mental well-being? For his family members? Who controls access to the information? Whom should he tell? His fiancée? Once married, should they have children together and risk passing on the gene? When they decide to adopt, are they justified in requesting that the child they are considering adopting be genetically screened? Does Artie's genetic health reflect on his qualifications for fatherhood? Is he entitled to test his employees? And will genetic privacy be a luxury that only those who can pay cash for their test results enjoy?


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