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video 1
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter, worrying about health insurance repercussions, faces a tough decision when program moderator Arthur Miller, in the role of her brother, asks her whether he should take a genetic test to determine if he has a predisposition toward cancer.
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video 2
Worrying about the implications of his genetic test results, program moderator Arthur Miller asks Denise Rodgers, M.D., in the role of his doctor, to hand over all his medical records.
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video 3
What's all the fuss about with genetic tests? Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and commissioner of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Paul Miller debate whether genetic tests are different from other medical tests.
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video 4
ABC senior legal correspondent Cynthia McFadden interviews Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, in the role of a likely nominee to the Supreme Court, on the impact his genetic history will have on his prospects for nomination.
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video 5
Program moderator Arthur Miller and Commissioner Paul Miller debate the place of genetic testing in the hiring process.
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