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Senator Warren Rudman Program Clip

Should officials close the malls following a bomb threat? Senator Warren Rudman argues that terrorist threats must not have the power to shut down the economy.

Jake Tapper Additional Scenes

What if Jake Tapper knew who sent the tape? A trusted source on the promise of confidentiality has disclosed information to reporter Jake Tapper about an upcoming terrorist attack. Now federal investigators want Tapper to reveal his source. How should he respond?

David Goldshmitt Program Clip

When do public-health concerns take precedence over an individual's right to move freely? Dr. Goldschmitt addresses this difficult scenario.

Charles H. Ramsey Program Clip

How do you decide if you should quarantine a neighborhood? Panelists James Gilmore, Charles Ramsey, Susan Allan, and Jerome Hauer discuss.

Congressman Charles Rangel Additional Scenes

How should average citizens prepare for a terrorist attack? Congressman Rangel proposes investing in public preparedness by establishing a citizen training corps.

Wilmer Alvarez Additional Scenes

What responsibility for disaster preparedness do citizens have? Wilmer Alvarez argues that the public must prepare for a terrorist attack ahead of time.

City Under Siege

Ahmed Younis Program Clip

Ahmed Younis discusses the concerns of Muslim Americans following a terrorist attack.

Nadine Strossen Program Clip

How do you decide when to report a suspicious conversation? What if your action leads to an innocent person being targeted? Panelists Jamie Gorelick, Nadine Strossen, and Jonathan Freiman wrestle with these issues.

Douglas Duncan & Dana Priest Program Clip

When should authorities inform the public about a terrorist threat? How much does the public have a right to know? How do officials balance informing the public with protecting them?

Jonathan Freiman Program Clip

A terrorist suspect reveals to his attorney that he has critical information about an imminent attack. Watch how attorney Jonathan Freiman responds.

Frank Keating Program Clip

In a race against the clock, would you be willing to use torture to prevent a terrorist attack? The panelists from "City Under Siege" weigh in.

Jonathan Freiman Program Clip

Jonathan Freiman cautions against the consequences of condoning torture.

Guest Panel: City Under Siege Additional Scenes

What else did the panelists conclude? Watch additional scenes from the conclusion of "City Under Siege."

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