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Intern Diaries
    What is it like to work on a TV show like In the Mix? Take a peek at what some of our recent interns have to say about it:

    Anne Orchier, Intern, 2005
    The summer between my high school graduation and my first year at college, I was lucky enough to work at In the Mix. While many of my other friends were stuck behind desks all day doing thankless administrative work, I was able to directly participate in every aspect of the production of the show, gaining an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in the process. As soon as I started my internship at In the Mix, I could tell that the work environment was entirely unique, which was then reaffirmed as my friends and I began to compare notes on our respective summer jobs. I could never commiserate with them about the boredom of office life (every day at ITM offered an opportunity to witness and take part in a new aspect of television production, so there was no risk of falling into a monotonous routine), or sympathize about dull co-workers (I really enjoyed spending time with my fellow interns, who were all lovely, intelligent and talented), or share horror stories about mean bosses (Sue was never anything but warm and encouraging, always letting us know how much we were valued and making sure that we were directly involved with every aspect of the show's production). All in all, working at ITM was an invaluable experience that gave me an incredibly high level of preparation for future jobs in film and television production and a strong sense of what an enjoyable and productive work environment looks like.

    Spider Kwok, Intern, 2005
    I was an intern at In the Mix in the summer of 2005, right after I graduated from Notre Dame. It was so much fun at In the Mix. There were many other interns from different schools from all over the States that summer. It was great working with all these amazing and fun people who were all interested in TV production. We prowled through New York with Sue to do interviews with teenagers, parents, teachers, social workers, lawyers, corporate manager et al. I had helped edit four shows while I was at In the Mix. The internship experience was very helpful for me to get my current job. I am now working as a video production teaching assistant and video editor at the University of Hong Kong. I showed some of the shows during the job interview. (And Sue also wrote me a great recommendation letter). I would like to take this opportunity to express my most sincere gratitude to Sue. Sue was a wonderful teacher, mentor, and friend. She had taught me a lot about how to produce a TV show, like how to write TV proposals, how to make a show work when you do not have enough footage and how to get interviews etc. These are things that you can¡¦t learn from video production classes. Sue also gave me a lot of advice and emotional support when I was looking for jobs after the internship. The highlight of the summer was a boat trip in Connecticut with Sue, Jay and all the other interns at In the Mix. I have so many wonderful memories of In the Mix, it was definitely the best internship I¡¦ve ever had.

    Ian Keeney, Intern, 2001
    I want to thank you for the opportunity to intern at In the Mix, because I believe the experience helped me to reach the position I am at now. I am now employed as a producer of television commercials for Greenrose Media and I'm also making my own motion picture on the side! I believe that I learned a lot from interning at In the Mix, and I had a wonderful time. It's something I will always remember and take with me for the rest of my life. I still talk about how great it was. I wish you luck in the future and hope your show continues to thrive!

    Karen Krivisky, 20, Intern, Summer 2001
    The summer before my junior year at the University of Michigan, I had to decide which internship to choose. My choice was between a well known production company, where I was told I would be one of many, primarily fetching coffee, or a hands-on experience, doing outreach at In the Mix. Choosing ITM was not only an easy choice, but also the best choice. What is it like to wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work? I could finally know the answer. I worked beside people, in a comfortable environment, who genuinely cared about the job that they did. My job was outreach, perfect, since I plan on working in Public Relations. It was easy to publicize this TV show since it is one that I truly enjoy and value. I was proud of the job I was asked to do.

    My ideas were considered by the producer and followed through with! I made phone calls, did research and compiled press kits. I have helped interview a guest and decorate a set. I had the opportunity to go on shoots and experience how a TV show is actually put together. A camaraderie with the other interns developed easily. Interning at In the Mix showed me all the many aspects that go into producing a TV show. What an amazing experience! Outreach has given me confidence in dealing with people as well as enabled me to develop important skills. I know that my internship at ITM will be an asset to me with any job I get.

    Jennifer, 15, Intern, January 2001
    When I first came to In the Mix, I felt apprehensive considering I knew nothing at all about media production and how a small company worked; however, once I got there, I easily fell right into place. Everyone around me not only taught me what I wanted to know about how to produce a show, but they also gave me irreplaceable hands-on experience with producing an actual show! When I first arrived here, I pretty much only knew how to use the photocopy machine, but with the help and instruction of my co-workers I have learned how to: research efficiently, transcribe interviews, log B-roll, update the video library, digitize footage using Avid Express, edit material, and do other such various tasks that go into making a TV show. What amazed me most was that while some of my friends at other TV-related internships only got to read scripts and organize the office, I was actually helping out with producing the show. I'll be able to watch that specific show now and say, "Ooh! I helped do that! I found that information! I digitized that footage!"

    Another wonderful aspect of In the Mix is how your input really matters. Here your opinions, values, and two cents really go a long way and make a difference. I felt comfortable telling my co-workers which clips I liked, which pictures I didn't, and they valued how I felt. Many companies aren't going to value a teenager's opinions, and the great thing about In the Mix is that they treat you as a professional and with respect. The small working environment lead me to have a close relationship with my co-workers, and I only wish I could have stayed longer to enhance those relationships. My experience at In the Mix was educational, personal and most importantly, enjoyable.

    Nora Scullin, 21, Intern, Spring 1999:
    I didn't know what to expect when I started my internship at In the Mix. I previously interned at a cable newscast and at the Emmys, so I was familiar with how the TV biz worked. But when I interviewed at In the Mix, I was struck by how small yet efficient the place was. Here at In the Mix, interns are very much part of the organization. They work together with the producers on the shows and their ideas are taken seriously. My friends who've interned at other places told me all they did was photocopy and get coffee for the producers. At In the Mix, I've worked on many projects, including updating the tape library, writing press releases, and researching information. I've also assisted on many shoots where I've been given the opportunity to film with a digital camera. My experience at In the Mix has made me feel much more confident about my skills and my hopes for getting a job after I graduate.

    Alexandra Brook Lynn, 17, Intern, 1998-1999:
    I have been an intern at In the Mix since November of '98. I have enjoyed it immensely, that's why I'm still here. The staff is friendly and respectful, and everyone is willing to offer as much as they can. CastleWorks is not a large company. I feel that working here, as opposed to a larger company, is more beneficial to my needs. When evaluating an internship option, I had to try and figure out where I would actually learn something. At larger companies, sure you might get a prestigious name out of it, but you're stuck getting coffee for people. I am here to absorb as much about the television and film business as I can. I am also extremely interested in assisting my generation's youth culture. In the Mix has provided me with opportunities to experience absolutely everything that goes on here. I contribute ideas for the shows. I even do research for some of the topics concerning young people today. I am now starting to learn more about the editing process, and digitizing video. I'm quite content here, and I wouldn't trade the experiences that In the Mix has brought me for anything.

    Sharon Teitelbaum, 18, Intern, Spring 1999:
    The first time I watched In the Mix I was totally blown away. At last, there was a show geared toward a teenage audience that was accurately portraying the life of teens across America. Unlike many shows that are condescending towards teens or are afraid to deal with difficult issues, In the Mix deals with real problems that affects teenagers today. They want teens to speak frankly about their feelings and experiences and some of the problems and triumphs of today's youth. As an intern, I did almost everything. Whether giving input on show ideas, editing, or even suggesting guest stars, I had the opportunity to be involved in every aspect of the show. It was a great learning experience.