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    1) How long has In the Mix been on the air?
    In the Mix first went on the air in 1992 as a weekly magazine-style series for young adults. In the past three years, the series has changed its format to single-theme programs so we can go more in depth on important issues. Each program is funded by a private foundation or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. (We are always interested in funding leads!) The same program airs the same week on PBS affiliates nationwide, but on different days and it's important to check your local listings or call the station. There are currently 34 In the Mix programs available for re-broadcast and videotape purchase.

    2) Where is In the Mix produced?
    The In the Mix staff and production offices are in New York City, and most of our production is done in the New York metropolitan area. But we have traveled all over the country, from California to South Dakota to Washington, D.C., to shoot stories.

    3) My local PBS affiliate doesn't air In the Mix. Is there anything I can do about that?
    Yes! Call, write, or e-mail the Program Director at the PBS station in your area and let them know that In the Mix is the kind of show you'd like to see in your community. You can find station contact information on the PBS Online site at Your feedback is very important to PBS stations and your request that they consider adding In the Mix to their schedule can make a really big difference.

    4) How can I get involved with In the Mix?
    If you live in the New York metropolitan area, we offer internship opportunities several times a year. Our student interns really keep the show and website running and learn a great deal in the process. Course credit is offered.
    Contact us by phone: (212) 288-2150
    fax: (212) 288-2159
    or mail:
    23 Stephenson Terrace
    Briarcliff, NY 10510.

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