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    "You deal with very good topics that do relate to all the teens out there. I think it's very cool that there's a show hosted by teens and not by adults who don't have a clue about what they're talking about...Keep up the great show!" - Katie

    "I just finished watching your program on gun violence. I love that you guys are doing something to help young adults know that there is a better way of life than being on the streets and getting into trouble. I'm not one of those kids on the street, but when I see youth my heart goes out to them, because there is more in life than guns, drugs, and alcohol, and your program gives them other choices." - Selena

    "I saw the Alcohol show, and it changed my outlook on drinking. I never knew it was that dangerous. I told all my friends about the show, and about how alcohol is a lot more dangerous than we all thought it was. Thank you so much for that show, it really made me think." - Meredith

    "I just was watching TV and I started to watch the show you did on body images, and I just want to say you did a great job on it! I also would like to say that your show isn't cheezie like other shows that are on TV for teens." - Tosha

    "I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed your show [about self-image]. I have a problem with appearance and eating and the part about eating disorders and just the whole show was very comforting and helped me to look at things differently."

    "I have been watching In the Mix since a little before 9th grade (I am in 11th grade now). I remember that I had to write an essay in 9th grade about how I feel TV has an influence that can be both good and bad on children. I used In the Mix as one of my examples of a show that has a great influence on kids. I love the messages that you have on the show for teens."

    "I happened to catch the 'Behind the Labels' show. Inspiring. So inspiring, in fact, that I have decided to try something like it in my area, using my old high school and surrounding high schools." - Scott, 19

    "I saw your show for the second time this morning, and I love it. To tell you the truth, it almost made me cry. This morning's issue just blew me away because it affected me so deeply. I see myself in all of these kids and I know about everything they talked about, because I have been through it all, and still am going through it. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one. I also loved it because it helps me learn not only from my own experiences, but others' as well." - Rick, 21

    "The episode on cliques was really good. It should be shown in schools as an assembly program. Actually, all the shows should be made into special assemblies." - Michelle, 16

    "I like how the show deals with everyday issues for teens. It just seems to be something alot of people don't understand, but I'm glad that this show proves there are people who do understand. Also, people tend to think my generation is violent, doesn't care, and are a bunch of losers with superficial cares, but it's just not true, and I'm glad you're there to show us that there are positive results with positive decisions." - Sara

    "You could say I grew up with In the Mix, and I really admire the show and how it lays out real life situations to peeps like us, and lets us understand what's out there and one another. I've kept my life so-called 'straight', because I choose that route and taught others on not my mistakes, but what I believe in and follow...And I'm glad that shows liek yours open everyone's eyes to different kinds of people and views." - Annette, Seattle, WA

    "I saw part of your 'cliques' show and it was amazing, it got me completely hooked. The other day, I saw part of one of your shows with a bunch of Straight Edge kids ["Drug Abuse: Altered States"] and I nearly fainted. I know all about Straight Edge and Minor Threat because I've been a Straight Edge-er for a while, but I never really heard anything about it in mainstream media before. I was just amazed. It's such an awesome show, I've been so thrilled to find something I can actually relate to." - Molly, 14, Pocatello, ID

    "I thought the episode about alcohol ["Alcohol: What You Don't Know"] was excellent. I knew that alcohol was dangerous, but I had no idea it was so easy to get killed from an overdose." - Rad, 14, Bowling Green, KY

    "I saw your show for the first time a couple of days ago. I would like to commend you on doing an excellent job portraying different issues and problems facing teenagers and young adults. The show had my attention from the moment I turned it on and I watched the entire program without even changing the channel. I am glad that for once teenagers are not being looked at in a negative fashion. Thank you so much for coming up with this show to look at the positive things that young people are doing." - Keli, 17, Washington, DC

    "I love your show! I try my best to watch it as much as I can. I fell in love with the show when I saw 'Teen Immigrants: Five American Stories'...Please do your best. And keep up the great work." - Jen