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Adding Wisdom Award

    "During the summer of 1999, 39 teenagers reviewed 90 videos from various producers addressing substance abuse and related health issues of concern to their age group. In the Mix's "Self-Image: The Fantasy, The Reality" received the highest evaluation among all the videos reviewed, with "Twisted Love: Dating Violence Exposed" ranking among the top ten!"
    - Barbara L., Mid-Hudson Library System's Health Information Project

    "Over the past two months, I have shown ["On The Money!"] to high school teachers and students, my own classes at Queens College, and several diverse adult audiences. Overwhelmingly, the viewers seem to come away inspired to learn more about economics and personal finance. Students, especially, appreciate the pitch and the tone of the program, which educates and entertains without preaching or condescension."
    - Steven R. Malin, New York, NY

    "I have enjoyed watching In the Mix for two years. I think it is very important to have shows that are truly catered to young adults. What makes this show so interesting is that it is crewed by a diverse group of people, not just those who represent the majority in this country. The ideas that are expressed are well-ranged as well. I definitely think it is important for many perspectives to be shown, when this is not down misunderstandings and stereotypes breathe and flourish. I applaud you and ask that you keep up the work."

    "I found your show ["College: A Crash Course"] very informative and perfect for teenagers who are college bound and may be overwhelmed by the entire application process. The show thoroughly covered all the requirements for college applications and diffused some misconceptions about the interview and SAT scores all within a context that is clear but not condescending to teenagers." - Elizabeth Ruiz Quintana, Manhattan Village Academy, New York, NY

    "I am the PTA president of a High School, and was impressed with your recent show [on Alcohol]. It was straightforward, honest, and informative in a way that teenagers can understand."
    - Trenton, NJ

    "I was really impressed with your show that explored teens and their issues about weight: the media hype versus real life. What a terrific booster for other teens to see that real life is where it's at and is where each person needs to find his/her own happiness. As someone going into the field of high school teaching, I would gladly seek out programs such as this to show my students. I had my 10-year-old sit down and watch because you can never start too soon to educate kids on separating fact from fiction." - Alison, Arizona.

    "I wanted to let you know that I've been tuning in since the beginning, and over the years I've seen it evolve into an amazing program! Your work is really top quality-- so superior to everything else that merely panders to teens. I've been really moved by your good work. Keep it up." - Benna C., New York, NY

    "Your video ["Depression: On The Edge"] is the best we've seen for high school students to understand depression. We are a high school of about 1900 students and our Psychology teacher plans to use your video in our Intro to Psych classes. Many students can identify with things said on the video either because they have experienced it themselves, or they know someone who has." - Karen W., Alpena High School, Alpena, MI

    "As a teacher, we use your series in a block called 'mentorship'. It's been successful in keeping the attention of students." - Clarence V., Middleville, MI

    "I just finished watching your program "Teens Around The World," and was very impressed with the issues that were addressed as well as with the emotional understanding that was brought about through your staff. The insight your program created was powerful, encouraging the uniqueness as well as the similarities teens and people around the globe possess. Thank you again for presenting such a positive, real and inspritation program for not only teens to watch, but any person regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or religion." - Jaymie C., Seattle, WA