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Designed by a curriculum developer who specializes in social-emotional learning processes, constructive conflict resolution, higher-order thinking skills, and perspective-taking, these classroom activities will help students develop a deeper understanding of the themes addressed by THE NEW NORMAL. Explore activities related to E-mail Pen-Pal Exchanges; Media Literacy; Living with Change; and Dealing with Differences.

Find out how to order videotape copies of THE NEW NORMAL series and other IN THE MIX programs, as well as companion discussion guides.

Delve into these resources covering THE NEW NORMAL themes. Resources include E-mail Pen-Pal Exchange Web sites that expose students to perspectives from around the world. Additional resources include a downloadable NEW NORMAL Discussion Guide (in .pdf format), developed by the IN THE MIX production team, and Web sites that address Living with Change, Media Literacy, and Tolerance and Understanding.

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