School Violence Show
ER's Kellie Martin prescribes some Rx for making schools safer and more friendly.
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School Violence: Answers From The Inside

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Loners, Floaters, and Cliques. Jocks, Preps, Goths, and Geeks. The names may vary, but the story is the same whether you live in a city, the suburbs, or a small town. Social hierarchies, and conflicts between individuals and groups, are a bigger part of school life than ever before. [Current stats on school violence] Have you wondered what you and your school can do to prevent another tragic news headline? Well, so did we.

In an effort to get "Answers From The Inside," In the Mix spends a day at Fox Lane, a diverse suburban high school where a number of innovative programs are making an impact on the way students get along with one another. It's a school where security monitors and social workers who interact closely with students -- not metal detectors-- have proven to be an effective early warning system. [Get and give advice]

In the Mix is on the scene when a confrontation between two boys becomes physical, and follows as teen mediators help them resolve their conflict without violence. We discover how this peer mediation program, along with programs addressing conflict resolution, anger management, senior/freshman mentoring, and human relations groups, involve the entire school and are helping to make it a safer, friendlier, and more fun environment for everyone.
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"Answers From The Inside," which is hosted by Kellie Martin of TV's "ER," also features students speaking out on the existence of social "hierarchies" and cliques, and introduces several teens who have successfully risen above stereotypes without losing their individuality. [Cast your vote on the issue] Juli, a "loner," describes her experiences with being teased: "I broke and I just went inside myself, but I can completely understand how people would lash out." Adam, who was classified as a "geek," says: "I became disillusioned with our high school's society." And Athena, seen as a "tough hip-hop chick," says: "Don't sit there and stereotype me. Come and talk to me. Get to know what I'm about." [Great resources] [Get help 24/7]

"School Violence: Answers From The Inside" was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The program is regularly re-broadcast on PBS affiliates across the country. Please check our schedule and station list for airtimes.

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