Beethoven's Eroica

Production Credits

Produced & Directed by
David Kennard
Joan Saffa
Edited by
Blair Gershkow
Director of Photography
Michael Anderson
Bob Elfstrom
Dan Gleich
Production Consultant
Janette Gitler
Production Team
Victoria Simpson
Emma Cott
Minette Siegel
Monica Lam
Katie Winters
Norman Patocka
Ashley Wren
Jon Fontana
Jeff Gilliam
Additional Camera
Roddy Blelloch
Rick Fichter
Astrid Heubrandtner
Jerry Slick
Additional Sound
Andy Wiskes
Peter Utvary
Additional Scripting
Charlie Pearson
Rehearsal Footage
Barry Harris, Director
Andy Neddermeyer, Video Tech
Production Manager
Cheryl King
Graphic Design
Susan Roderick
Michael Endlich
Online Editor
Jesse Spencer
Ed Rudolph
Post Production Audio
Mark Escott
Robert Berke


Gary Halvorson
Michael Bronson
Coordinating Producer
Elaine Warner
Production Manager
Kate Gaitley
Gary Bradley
Audio Producer
Jack Vad


Beethoven Haus-Bonn
Art Resource
The Bridgeman Art Library
The Granger Collection
Library of Congress
Musikverein, Vienna


Joshua Robison
Peter Grunberg
Members of the Vienna Philharmonic
The City of Vienna
Vienna Tourist Office
International Musik Zentrum
Konzerthaus, Vienna
Lobkowitz Palace, Vienna
Pallavacini Palace, Vienna
William Meredith
San Francisco Symphony Stage Crew
IATSE, Local 16
San Francisco War Memorial and
Performing Arts Center
lead funding provided by
Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
with generous support from Nan Tucker McEvoy, The James Irvine Foundation, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Marcia and John Goldman, Ray and Dagmar Dolby Family Fund, the National Endowment for the Arts, William and Gretchen Kimball Fund, Lisa and John Pritzker, Mrs. Alfred S. Wilsey, Koret Foundation Fund, Lynn and Tom Kiley, Anita and Ronald Wornick, Roselyne Chroman Swig, Margaret Liu Collins & Edward B. Collins, the Acacia Foundation, Matt Cohler, The Bernard Osher Foundation, Betty and Jack Schafer, Felipe R. Santiago and Barry T. Joseph, Mary C. Falvey, Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation, Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Hays, Mark Heising and Liz Simons, David and Janyce Hoyt, Laurence and Michèle Corash, Helen Berggruen, and others.