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For Educators - Overview

Explore China from the Inside today.

Investigate the real issues in modern China with clips from the documentary series woven with activities that lead students on an examination of Globalization (Lesson Plan 1) and Environment & Development (Lesson Plan 2).

Within each Lesson Plan, you will find:

  • A China from the Inside film clip
  • A China from the Inside classroom activity
  • Supplemental Online Articles
  • Classroom Extensions

Student at school for disabled children

Students at a school for disabled children in Shandong province.

China from the Inside classroom activities are designed to cover 1-2 class periods for high school and college students (grades 9-16). They can also be customized or adapted to your particular classroom and grade level. The activities are tied to the following Academic Standards set by the National Council for Economic Education (at

Content Standards

History-Social Science: Grades 9-12
Historical and Social Sciences Analysis Skills
Chronological and Spatial Thinking
Historical Interpretation

History-Social Science: Grade 10
World History, Culture, and Geography: The Modern World

History-Social Science: Grade 12
Principles of American Democracy
Principles of Economics

English-language Arts: Grades 9-12
Writing Strategies
Research and Technology
Listening and Speaking Strategies

Standards for English Language Learners
Listening and Speaking
Reading Fluency and Systematic Vocabulary Development
Reading Comprehension
Literary Response and Analysis
Writing Strategies and Applications
Writing Conventions

Additional Teaching Resources on China is a list of web resources, educational institutions, and films about China.

PBS Teachers has more than 4,000 free lesson plans and activities as well as online professional development opportunities for teachers.

PBS video of China from the Inside
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Taping Rights
You may record China from the Inside off-air (see TV Schedule for broadcast times in your area) and use the program in the classroom for one year from the date of broadcast. If you miss a program or if your one-year taping rights have expired, you can purchase the program from

PDF File Format
These China from the Inside lessons and other materials are available as printer-friendly PDFs (Portable Document Format). To download and view the lesson plans as a PDF, you may first have to get Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free on Adobe's Web site. The Reader is available for most computer platforms, and once downloaded the lessons may be viewed on-screen as well as printed out. Get Acrobat Reader software (at

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