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Young African American Woman

Asian Americans on steps

Older Jewish men

Fillmore Television Program Credits

Written & Produced by Peter L. Stein
Narrated by Ossie Davis
Edited by Joseph De Francesco
Directed by Rick Butler
Associate Producer Elizabeth Pepin
Camera Greg King
Original Music Camara Kambon / Inflx Entertainment

Voice of Urban Renewal Peter Coyote

On-line Editors
John Andreini
Jay Hansell
Ed Rudolph/Video Arts

Additional Editing Ingrid Schulz
Norm Levy

Assistant Editor Lindsay Anderson

Eric Shackelford
Helen Silvani
Birrell Walsh

Audio Post-Production Mark Escott / Robert Berke Sound

Unit Manager Jolee Hoyt

Floor Director Margaret Clarke

Graphic Design
Margaret McCall
Caroline Hendriks

Additional Camera Rick Butler

Contributing Writer Joseph De Francesco

David Condon
Steven Cuevas
Michele McKenzie-Byrd

Assistant to the Producer Scheraz Sadiq

Production Support
Kevin Anderson
Andrew Damon
Jeffrey Edalatpour
Kimihiko Maeno
Kyp Malone
Salome Milstead
Clarence Ting
Elizabeth Ventura

Keith Sherman Associates
Brian Eley

Program Distribution
Regina Eichner Eisenberg

Film Transfers
Video Transfer Center
Monaco Labs

Archival Footage
American Planning Association
Archive Films
Budget Films
California Newsreel
California Redevelopment Association
Grinberg & Associates
Library of Congress
MacDonald Films
Nakata Family
National Archives
Mike Clayton/Pentrex Video
San Francisco Bay Area T.V. News Film Archives
WPA Films

Archival Photographs
Tony Hurd
Steve Jackson
David Johnson
Red Powell/Reggie Pettus Collection-Courtesy of Lewis Watts
San Francisco Examiner
San Francisco Public Library History Center
San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
Ron Willis
Carol Ayres
Chateau Tivoli
John Clayton
John Coppola
Randolph Brant Collection-Courtesy of E. Echeverria
Jerry Flamm
Greg Gaar
William Heike
Terry Hurley
Johnnie Ingram
Trude Ingram
National Archives
Agnes Pritchard
Josh Pryor
Brenda Robinson
Shenson's Delicatessen

Archival Music Assistance
Amoeba Records / San Francisco & Berkeley
Opal Nations / Down Home Music
Jim Rigsbee / Grinder's Grooveyard
Wade Wright / Jack's Record Cellar

Special Thanks
Larry Adelman
Bill Graham Presents
The Hon. Dr. Amos Brown
Peter Calabrese
Bill Carlson
William Wesley Davis
Leslie Donaldson
Elkor Properties / The Fillmore Center
Dianne Fukami
Susan Goldstein & Pat Akre
John Grant
George Hamm
Wendy Hanamura
Julie Hata / Day of Remembrance Committee
Jennifer Herman
Amy Holloway / S.F. African-American Historical Society
Norm Ishimoto / Cherry Blossom Festival
Kimochi, Inc.
Gabriel Metcalf
Seizo Oka / Japanese Culture & Community Center
Richard Payolee
Quest Productions
San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
Armando Rendon
John Silva
Gina Stout
Third Baptist Church
Helene Whitson

Extra Special Thanks
The Boom Boom Room
Marie Browning
Judy Canter
Barry Gruber
Guy Morrison & Ted Porter
Shirley Wysinger

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Music Acknowledgments

"All Aboard" by McKinley Morganfield
performed by Muddy Waters, courtesy MCA / Chess Records

"At Last" by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren
performed by Etta James, courtesy MCA / Chess Records

"Debonair" by John Handy
performed by John Handy, courtesy Sony Music

"Diminuendo In Blue & Crescendo In Blue" by Duke Ellington
performed by Duke Ellington, courtesy Columbia/Sony Music

"Eternity's Sunrise" by John Tavener
performed by The Choir & Orchestra of The Academy of Ancient Music, courtesy Harmonia Mundi

"Funeral Canticle" by John Tavener
performed by The Choir & Orchestra of The Academy of Ancient Music, courtesy Harmonia Mundi

"Improvisation #5" by Masayuki Koga
performed by Masayuki Koga

"It's No Secret" by Marty Balin
performed by The Jefferson Airplane

"Just A Few Little Words" by Parham, Campbell, Barksdale
performed by Pee Wee's All Stars featuring Sugar Pie DeSanto, courtesy Solid Smoke Records

"Let's Jump" by Al Killian
performed by Count Basie & His Orchestra, courtesy Hindsight Records

"Locomotive" by Thelonious Monk
performed by Thelonious Monk, courtesy Fantasy / Original Jazz Classics

"Out of Nowhere" by Edward Heyman and John Green
performed by Vernon Alley, courtesy Trilon Records

"San Francisco Blues" by Lowell Fulson
performed by Lowell Fulson. courtesy B Flat Music

"Shower" by Erskine Hawkins
performed by Erskine Hawkins, courtesy Hindsight Records

"Spanish Lady" by John Handy
performed by John Handy

"Theme X" by John Handy
performed by John Handy, courtesy Sony Music

"Tomorrow" by Hirsch/Wilhite/Spitalny
performed by Charles Brown, courtesy PGD/Verve/Universal Special Markets

"Violin Sonata No. 10 in G" by Ludwig van Beethoven
performed by Yehudi & Hephzibah Menuhin, courtesy Biddulph Recordings

"Winter in America" by Gil Scott-Heron
performed by Gil Scott-Heron, courtesy TVT Records

Ed Blakely
Albert Broussard
Chester Hartman
William Issel
Allan Jacobs
Steve Nakajo
James Okutsu
Moses Rischin
Lewis Watts

Executive Producer Peter L. Stein

An episode of Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco

c 1999 KQED, Inc.

-and there you go. --Doughbelly Maddox

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