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F. Scott Fitzgerald & American Writers

University of South Carolina - F. Scott Fitzgerald Centenary. The definitive web venue for everything having to do with F. Scott Fitzgerald.

F. Scott

F. Scott Fitzgerald Chat. An intriguing Internet message board where web surfers can engage in all manner of discussions involving F. Scott Fitzgerald's work, world, life and times.

American Authors on the Web. A comprehensive clearinghouse of web links that lead to sites containing information on a wide variety of contemporary and classic American authors.

American Literature Online. An impressive array of links to myriad websites, all of which deal with American authors and literature.

Resources to Support the Independent Voice in American Filmmaking

Sailor & Letter

The ITVS Website. Public television established the Independent Television Service to fund and energize the work of independent producers.

The AIVF Website. The Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers is a national service organization for independent film and video media.

Web Cinema. A nonprofit organization dedicated to the independent filmmaker using Internet new media technologies to finance, create, produce, distribute, and market independent film.

Cyber Film School. A resource to provide useful information on film producing, directing, writing, shooting, and editing.

Insider's Guide to Film Schools. A commercial website that offers views, opinions, and information on university graduate programs in film production.

The Indie Scene on PBS. A resource for independent producers as they navigate the Public Television system including information that can aid in the development, production, distribution or promotion of their independent projects

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