Lawrence of Arabia
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Program Two summary
  Lawrence's life in the Middle East continues - it's 1917 and, flush with their victory at Aqaba, Lawrence and the Arabs continue to attack and undermine the Turks.

Undertaking increasingly dangerous missions, Lawrence is captured and brutalized by the Turks, but manages to escape. Though the tale of the capture is disputed by many, Lawrence stands by his story.

After the Turks surrender Jerusalem, the Balfour Declaration paves the way for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. In the hope that control of Damascus will legitimize Arab claims for independence, Lawrence leads the Arabs in an allied race for the city. Soon after, British duplicity is exposed.

Now a celebrated figure to the British public, after the success of Lowell Thomas' screenshow of footage filmed in the desert, Lawrence returns to England and continues to fight for an Arab homeland in Europe.

At the Paris Peace Conference, Britain, France and America revise maps and consolidate their control over the Middle East. Reeling with guilt for his part in deceiving the Arabs, Lawrence retreats and enlists as an ordinary recruit in the Royal Air Force.

In 1935, he leaves the military for the last time, planning to spend his life in seclusion. Tragically, just weeks later, he is killed in a motorcycle accident.

Even after his death, Lawrence's impact on the Middle East would be felt for generations to come.

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Arab Revolt gathers momentum
  The Arab Revolt gathers momentum  

Lawrence of Arabia