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Thanks to Florentine Films, a number of powerful resources compiled for the researching and production of “Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery” are now available to you.

Roster of Men
Roster of Men

The Journals are a searchable, chronological compilation of excerpts from the journals of seven members of the Corps of Discovery, including Lewis and Clark. They span March 3, 1804, to September 26, 1806.

A Timeline of the Trip gives an easy-to-follow overview of the expedition, from its inception to the later death of William Clark.

Online Resources is a comprehensive list of Lewis and Clark-related Web sites.

Sources provides an extensive bibliography of sources used for researching the Web site, as well as a guide to the site's pictures.

Interviews offers full-length, unedited interviews (RealAudio and text) with seven of the experts featured in the film "Lewis and Clark."

Maps provides historical maps created by Clark, a pre-expedition map, and a map showing the route taken by the Corps of Discovery to the Pacific.