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About The Film Title
LIFE BEYOND EARTH is a production of KCTS/Seattle in association with PBS and Devillier Donegan Enterprises. Timothy Ferris is writer and narrator. Linda Feferman is series producer and Wendy Blackstone composed the original score.

Timothy Ferris , one of the world's best known and most honored science writers, returns to television for the first time since his landmark program THE CREATION OF THE UNIVERSE with a two-hour exploration of current scientific thinking on one of humanity's biggest questions: Is there life on other worlds?

Part I: "Are We Alone?" investigates the origins of life on Earth and traces the search for life on other worlds, including recent scientific advances in the search for extraterrestrials.

Part II: "Is Anybody Listening?" examines the strategies being employed to communicate with fellow travelers among the stars, from sending starships to transmitting electronic signals across the interstellar seas.
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Film Credits Title
Film by:

Timothy Ferris
Series Producer:

Linda Feferman
Music by:

Wendy Blackstone
Written and Narrated by:

Timothy Ferris

Linda Feferman
Jamie Stobie

Bob Elfstrom
Jon Else
Special Effects:

Don Davis

Lisa Day, A.C.E.
Jeanne Slater
Executive Producer:

Elizabeth Brock

Stephen Most
Music Producer:

Richard Martinez
Production Associate:

Terra Weikel

Paul Butler
France Cordova
Freeman Dyson
Gerald Edelman
J. Richard Gott III
Stephen Jay Gould
David Grinspoon
Paul Horowitz
Stuart Kauffman
Geoffrey Marcy
Norman Pace
Science Advisors:

K. Robbins Bell
Stuart Bowyer
Jack Farmer
Andrew Fraknoi
Ivan Lenscott
Yvonne Pendleton
Diane Wooden
Seth Shostak

Based upon an original idea by:

Stephen Most
Additional writing by:

Stephen Most

For Devillier Donegan Enterprises:

Production Managers:

Ciara Byrne
Denise Glennon
Supervising Producer:

Greg Diefenbach
Executive Producers:

Ron Devillier
Brian Donegan
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