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Who Works the Night Shift?
Surviving the Night
Talk About It

Answer all the questions below to determine if you are a normal human or a zombie freak of nature. Your "sleep score" is displayed at the bottom of the page.

You prepare for sleep by: 
1. Getting into pajamas, placing glass of water on nightstand, and turning off light.
2. Dark curtains, a temperature controlled room, and soothing music.
3. Does the term "Bucket of Nyquil" have any meaning here?

The reason you sleep is: 
1. Regenerate batteries for the next day.
2. Recover from the injuries suffered the previous day.
3. Horizontal could be nice.

A typical nights sleep consists of: 
1. A few minutes drifting off followed by deep REM sleep.
2. A half hour winding down followed by minor tossing and turning.
3. An hour and a half of vibrating followed by spinning and twirling.

Average number of trips to the bathroom per night: 
1. None.
2. Once, occasionally twice.
3. Sometimes 14.

Average amount of sleep per night: 
1. Eight hours.
2. Six or seven.
3. Maybe four or five fifteen-minute periods.

Activities engaged in during night's sleep: 
1. Turn from right side to back.
2. A couple of 360 degree turns.
3. Pillow punching, sheet entangling and total blanket disposal.

Snore quotient: 
1. A melodic hum.
2. Occasional snort.
3. Complaints from foundry next door.

1. Are fun.
2. Can come in handy.
3. Are inconvenient when they occur while driving.

Amount of coffee necessary to get through day: 
1. None, I don't drink coffee, unless it's de-caf.
2. Two to three cups.
3. Two to three pots.

People often comment on my: 
1. Cheerful and sparkling morning disposition.
2. Ability to function even late in the afternoon.
3. Impending vacation, since I've obviously already packed the luggage under my eyes.

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