Who Works the Night Shift?
Surviving the Night
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  1. Call spreadsheet manufacturer technical support and let hold music lull you to sleep.

  2. Reserve conference room for mandatory meeting concerning precise technical regulations of a nap. Re-engineer specs.

  3. Pipe ocean sounds over PA system.

  4. Pretend you're on a crippled spaceship and co-workers are possessed by aliens. Any contact with them is fatal. Avoid them by all means necessary.

  5. Find rest rooms where pagers and cellular phones lose signal.

  6. Outfit your desk with pillows disguised as heavy reference books.

  7. Sheep wallpaper.

  8. Plot shortcuts to coffee station.

  9. Neil Young's Greatest Hits. The liner notes should suffice.

  10. Sheepdogs, coaxial cable, and skateboards. You figure it out.

  11. Loop video of CFO speech to stockholders on overhead TV.

  12. Log-on to gotobeddammit.com.

  13. Pace yourself until it takes an hour to circle your cubicle.

  14. Re-enact traffic jams you missed.

  15. Develop a computer virus that will suck all the e's out of your text.

  16. Post-It Notes with famous Al Gore aphorisms.

  17. Hot milk enemas.

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