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Shift Change

Many Americans these days find they can't escape work; thanks to cell phones and e-mail, the work day never has to end. As companies downsize, restructure and reinvent themselves, workers from upper management to the assembly line are feeling the changes. In the Livelyhood series premiere, Shift Change, we meet people who've landed on their feet and found new ways to operate in the work stations of the future.

Host Will Durst explores the job market by going to see a career counselor in his home town of Milwaukee, where he discovers that the growth industry is no longer the beer business. From there, Durst takes viewers on the road to destinations all over the country, including:

Linton, North Dakota, where a man named Hal Rosenbluth helped revive a drought struck farming town by sending jobs.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where Durst takes a lunch break with workers in the country's deepest coal mine.

Chicago, where we meet 73-year-old AnnLee Russo, who has worked for the telephone company for over 55 years, and has no plans to retire anytime soon.

South San Francisco, CA, where some workers at the city dump have formed a very unique kind of band.

Get A Job!

For more background on how to keep up with the ever-changing world of work today, take a look at:

Trends affecting the changing workplace, fastest growing jobs in America and what they pay, a closer look at growing jobs, and the ABC's of downsizing and temporary workers.

A glossary for people who work, or know someone who does.

Resources, including organizations, websites, and publications providing support, guidance and ideas for finding your way through the changing workplace.

Livelyhood links to a range of websites from the silly to the substantive dealing with the changing nature of work in America today.

Livelyhood's first one-hour special, "Shift Change," aired on PBS in Fall, 1997. Tapes are available. Contact The Working Group at 510-268-WORK or

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