Manor House Lady Olliff-Cooper
"I do think it will take time to get over my guilt at having people to do things for me, but how will I ever return to the grind of normality?" Lady Olliff Cooper
Lady Olliff-Cooper
Lady Olliff-Cooper

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Lady Olliff-Cooper shares a joke with her lady's maid, Miss Morrison

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Lady Olliff-Cooper's Day


  • You must rise at seven o'clock, when the First Footman wakes you with a cup of tea and hot water with which to wash.

  • Your Lady's Maid will wake you at eight o'clock when she will bring you your Breakfast tray, newspaper and any correspondence.

  • Your Lady's Maid will run you a bath, do your hair and help you dress for Breakfast.

  • Your Staff will attend Morning Prayers with your Family in the Main Hall at a quarter-past nine. It is customary for the Master to conduct this and for you to end by saying "God, make my Servants dutiful".

  • At half-past nine, Breakfast will be served in the Dining Room. The Master should sit at the Head of the table and you should sit opposite him at the other end.

  • It is customary at the start of Breakfast, for you to pour the tea for all those present. The Butler should hand out these cups having enquired how each person wishes it served.

  • At ten o'clock your Housekeeper and Chef de Cuisine will expect to meet you and your Sister in the Morning Room to discuss the menus for Luncheon and Dinner and any further specific arrangements for the day. The Butler may also wish to attend.

  • At this time you may wish to inform the Butler as to whether you will be 'at home' to visitors.

  • The morning is the customary time for visitors to call and for any correspondence to be dealt with. It is more common for outdoor pursuits to be conducted in the afternoon.

  • Luncheon will be served at one o'clock. You should enter the Dining Room beside your Sister, before the Gentlemen.


  • At five o'clock it has been arranged for Afternoon Tea to be served in the Drawing Room.

  • Your Lady's Maid is available to help you dress for Dinner at whatever time you see fit.

  • Dinner will be served at eight o'clock.

  • After Dinner it is customary for the Ladies to retire to the Drawing Room.

  • Your Lady's Maid is available to assist you undress when you chose to retire to bed.


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