The Manor House Mr Raj-Singh
"What was it that India found so attractive about British upper classes? Now I'm getting the chance to find out." Mr Raj Singh, tutor
Mr Raj-Singh
Mr Raj-Singh
The People: After the House

How did the participants feel after they left the house?
We asked them lots of questions - and we've got a lot of answers! Find out how the participants viewed their experiences in the house, if they felt it changed them, who they liked, who they're in touch with, what they liked and what they hated...

Sir John Sir John
"I suppose I'm struggling a little to return to a Britain that feels as though it is past its heyday."
Lady Olliff Cooper Lady Oliff Cooper
"I could have stayed there forever, and would in time have come to think of my 21st century life as some curious, unlikely, futuristic dream."
Mister Jonathan Jonty
"I think I have a lot more respect for those stiff and awkward figures that you see in black and white photographs..."
Master Guy Master Guy
"Life without computers sucks!"
Miss Anson Miss Anson
"I was amazed to discover just how angry I became on behalf of the women of that time - how suppressed and frustrated some of them must have felt."
Mr Raj-Singh Raj Singh
"As a stranger in an alien environment, I found the formality between the men and the women of that period made life simpler."


Mr Edgar Mr Edgar
"The real pleasure is in finding that we like what we see now, to the point that it would surprise if some of the relationships do not develop into full friendships..."
Mrs Davies Mrs Davies
"One of the footmen came back to tell us that he'd seen a tabloid paper saying that 'World War III' was declared. I was sick with worry..."
Morrison Mrs Morrison
"My grandmother's stories all came true for me and I am so grateful to my mother and my daughter for letting me take 3 months out of my 2002 life..."
M Dubiard Monsieur Dubiard
"Yes, I gave in to temptation. A Scottish soul stopped and look at me, he took pity on me, he opened the passenger door and ask me to jump in..."
Rob Daly
"I enjoyed the right good laugh we used to have. Sometimes, (I think it was a mix of starvation and exhaustion)..."
Jessica Rawlinson Jessica
"Apart from the unsociable hours, poor pay, back-breaking work, the total mental and physical exhaustion, I can't really think what was so unlikeable..."
Antonia Dawson Antonia
"I did use tampons. I tried it their way but it was impossible. Plus if I did have an accident I'd have to wear that dress for a week - no way..."
Rebecca Smith Becky
"Bedtime was FAB! No more work, no more corset! I really enjoyed sitting on the edge of my bed without my corset on and just breathing - BLISS!"
Erika Ravitz Erika
"They finally decided to make-up by snogging, thinking they had turned the Diary Cam off which they hadn't!"
Ellen Ellen
"I disliked the sexism. It seemed terribly unfair that if our relationship was discovered in Edwardian times, I would have been sacked and Kenny would have just been told off..."
Kelly Kelly
"I hated being away from my family; it was horrible, that was the big reason for me leaving. I also hated the long hours that we had to do - it was so exhausting..."
"I had expectations of the house being full of frisky young maids, large servings of vegetables and that was it. However the reality proved a little different..."


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