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Tomorrow's America
Who I Became
Pounloeu Chea
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Who I Became
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"Who I Became" is the story of Pounloeu Chea, a first generation Cambodian American. As a child, Pounloeu escaped the Khmer Rouge with his family and fled Cambodia to settle in San Francisco in the early 1980s. Four years ago Pounloeu's father returned to Cambodia, leaving his wife and three sons. Last year his mother returned, leaving Pounloeu to find his own way in America. Without his parents, Pounloeu becomes a parent, gets in trouble with the law, and confronts being sent back to Cambodia. This program is directed by a young Cambodian filmmaker, Michael Siv, and Aram Collier, and explores how this community grapples with their Asian and American identities, and the circumstances of their displacement, immigration and settlement.

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Pounloeu Chealisten

"The way your surroundings, your environment, people who you grew up with…your living status, you know what I'm saying, your own family… all that's, all that affecting how a person's gonna be when they get older... And, my real family has so much problems that they couldn't show me the family love that I needed, I guess. So I got my family love from, from my friends on the streets…I don't want to go back to Cambodia and live over there, you know. I mean, I'm used to it over here."
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