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Matters of Race

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The Divide
Race Is/Race Ain't
We're Still Here
Tomorrow's America

Program One:
The Divide

1. When do immigrants become Americans? Who gets to decide who's American?
2. Are we ready to consider race beyond black and white?
3. Should public money be used to support undocumented residents of a town or city?
Program Two:
Race Is/Race Ain't

1. Who determines the meaning of difference?
2. Is there a difference between how we confront issues of race in our private lives and issues of race in the public sphere? Should there be?
3. Does race have anything to do with whom you love?
4. Do we live in a colorblind society? Should this be our goal?
Program Three:
We're Still Here

1. Is it right to define American Indians as a 'race'?
2. How does one define who is an American Indian or a member of an American Indian nation such as Seneca, Lakota, Navajo or Apache? Who has the right to create the terms of that definition?
3. Should Native Hawaiians have the same status as other indigenous peoples of the Americas?
Program Four:

1. Can you be more than one race?
2. Should the way you personally identify yourself be a political issue?
Who I Became
1. If you could make a personal portrait of yourself, what would you look like? Would you include race?
2. When you imagine an American, is race a part of that picture?
I Belong to This
1. Is it important to teach your children to see race as a part of their identity?
2. Is your parents' history your history?
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