For KDN Films:

Director / Writer:  Bill Kubota

Editor:  Scott Kemp

Producer & Writer:  Ed Moore

Photographer:  Joe Dzenowagis

Executive Producer:  David Newman

Narrator:  Lane Nishikawa

For NET Television:

Executive Producer:  Christine Mohanna Lesiak

Production Executive:  David Feingold

Director of Photography/Post Production Editor:
John Beck

Producer:  Joel Geyer

Audio Mix:  Werner Althaus

Original Music Composed By:  Tom Larson


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Web Content Credits

Primary Sources:  There are very few detailed sources of information about the life of Ben Kuroki. This Web site depends largely on primary source works by E.A. Kral and Carroll "Cal" Stewart for its content. Kral's profile of Kuroki is listed in the Related Links section; excerpts from this work are used with his permission. The "Learn about ... " sections and much of the "Air War" content were provided by the film's director, Bill Kubota.

Web Production Credits

Producer:  Scott Leigh

Web Production:  Stephen Exon Jr.

Graphics:  Scott Beachler

Video Editing for Trailer:  John Beck

Video Encoding for Trailer:  Terry Dugas

Educational Materials:  Chet Kincaid

Photo & Image Credits

"Most Honorable Son" banner image of Kuroki (top of home page), courtesy Hime Iwaoka

Button image for "Fighting to Fight" (all pages), courtesy Ben Kuroki

Button image for "The Air War " (all pages), courtesy Jim and Ellenette Jenkins

Button image for "59th Mission " (all pages), courtesy Ben Kuroki

Button image for "After the War (all pages), courtesy Kevin Binder Photography

Kuroki in uniform (in "Fighting to Fight"), courtesy Ben Kuroki

Ferwerda congratulates Kuroki (in "Fighting to Fight"), courtesy Art Ferwerda

Kuroki with recruiting poster (in "The Air War"), courtesy National Archives

Kuroki with shattered turret (in "The Air War"), courtesy Ben Kuroki

Kuroki leaving for university (in "After the War"), courtesy Ben Kuroki

Kuroki's parents (in "The Nisei"), courtesy George Kuroki

Internment camp (in "The Internment"), courtesy United Newsreel, National Archives

The 442nd RCT (in "The Internment"), courtesy United Newsreel, National Archives



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