Ben Kuroki may be one of the most remarkable people you’ve never heard of.

Born in 1917 to Japanese parents who had moved to the U.S. and settled on a small vegetable farm near Hershey, Nebraska early in the 20th century, he graduated from high school in 1936 and began a quiet life as a farmer. 

And then came Pearl Harbor.

"Most Honorable Son" is an hour-long documentary that explores the personal odyssey of this Nebraska-born Nisei whose sense of shame over the bombing as a Japanese American ( read about the Japanese sense of shame, honor, and duty ) and sense of loyalty to his country as a native-born American drove him to enlist to fight the Axis powers.

This moving story of our only Japanese American air war hero is told through rare and little-seen footage, as well as emotional recollections from Kuroki and his fellow airmen of the 8th and 20th Army Air Forces.

"Most Honorable Son" follows Kuroki from his childhood through his distinguished military career and on to his long-overdue honoring with the Distinguished Service Medal in an August 2005 ceremony.


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