JUDY WOODRUFF: Next, we turn to our weekly series, “Brief but Spectacular,” our occasional series where we ask interesting people to discuss their passions.

Tonight, we hear from musicians Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn of the group Pomplamooose. Their music is funded directly by fans through the site, which was co- created by Jack Conte. Here, they explain the term “shotgun creators.”

JACK CONTE, POMPLAMOOSE: I think it’s funny when people say should music be free?


JACK CONTE: Music is free. Get over that.


JACK CONTE: Now, figure out what to do about it.

One, two, three.

NATALY DAWN: Covers are basically free advertising for our original music, and for our music in general. We usually re-harmonnize and just sort of make it our own.

NATALY DAWN: It took us awhile to start making music together.

JACK CONTE: We put out probably four, five songs and then sort of realized oh my gosh, there is a search engine and people are searching for songs like “Single Ladies,” if we cover that, people will accidentally find our “Single Ladies” song.

JACK CONTE: The day after we released the video, Kanye got up with the Grammys and did his thing. And the next day, millions of people went on to YouTube and searched Beyonce “Single Ladies” and they seen Nataly’s face and click it. We got about 500,000 views in a 24-hour period. If you see Nataly singing the take, that’s the actual take that we recorded in the studio.

It’s like seeing the magic trick. You get to see how sounds are made, because we like to make a lot of weird sounds and show people how to make them.

DAWN: And you also get to see how lame people look in the studio and how not elegant the whole recording process is. We make everything at home. The music we do all of the video editing. We do all of the instruments.

We did a Pharrell Williams mashup, the idea for the video was that basically we would cut out these big bits of foam core and project things on to them and try to get this natural 3D thing going on with 3D objects.

JACK CONTE: We film the whole thing in one take with the camera kind of swooping around. It was an iPhone actually. We filmed it with an iPhone.

I like this term “shotgun creator”. It’s just sprays everywhere. It’s a creator who can do the whole thing. It’s a creator who can edit and a creator who can write songs and a creator who can sing and a creator who can build teams and manage people. And a creator who can understand camera gear, and their CEO of their own media company. And they run every department.

NATALY DAWN: I’m Nataly Dawn.

JACK CONTE: I’m Jack Conte.

NATALY DAWN: We are Pomplamooose.

JACK CONTE: This is our brief but spectacular take.

NATALY DAWN: On shotgun creators.