Researching masculinity has been a life-long interest for Andrew Reiner, and it took on a new urgency when his son, Macallah, was born in 2011. Tonight, Reiner gives his Brief but Spectacular take on confronting an outdated model of masculinity. His latest book is called, “Better Boys, Better Men.”

Duration: 3:13

Tonight, we report on why palliative care is crucial in rural communities from three different perspectives. Dr. Jennifer Blechman of Bend, Oregon, hospice and social worker Liz Anderson of Asheville, North Carolina, and patient Joanie Devine alongside her fiance David Keenan of Waynesville, North Carolina, join us with their Brief But Spectacular take on the issue.


One thing the pandemic has made clear is our need for essential workers. The NewsHour has heard many of their voices during this last year. On this "Equal Pay Day," Ai-jen Poo, Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance gives her Brief But Spectacular take on the importance of caregivers and how we can protect and value their work in America as we navigate the pandemic.

Duration: 3:47