When Beth Papanastasiou's daughter Bella was born, she was diagnosed with a rare, degenerative genetic disorder and given 18 months to live. That was more than four years ago. Papanastasiou shares her Brief But Spectacular take on the important role palliative care has played in her family's journey as they continue to create meaningful memories for Bella.

Duration: 3:23

During the last eight months, our Brief But Spectacular team has profiled numerous brave voices whose work has been deemed essential and whose lives have been transformed by the pandemic. We reconnected with them this past week to ask how they’re doing and hear what they’ve learned.

Duration: 5:16

Wildfires scorched millions of acres across the Western United States this past summer, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate their homes. Jocksana Corona and her family were among them, after flames reached their Talent, Oregon, neighborhood. They have been living in a Girl Scout facility since then. Corona shares her Brief But Spectacular take on surviving a wildfire.

Duration: 3:33