Amy Stelly is an urban planner, designer and artist in New Orleans where her family has lived for four generations. She has been fighting to remove the Claiborne Expressway, a highway that the Biden administration has called “an example of historic inequity.” She shares her Brief But Spectacular take on improving community health outcomes near urban highways.

Duration: 3:16

Amelia Noor-Oshiro is a Muslim woman, educator, activist and suicide survivor. Through her advocacy work, she is using science and research to help others who are experiencing suicidal thoughts. Noor-Oshiro shares her Brief But Spectacular take on cross-cultural suicide prevention research.

Duration: 3:24

Rose Rustman has been the manager at Arrow Hardware and Paint in St. Peter, Minnesota, for 30 years. She has become a community observer and leader in the town of 11,000. Rustman shares her Brief But Spectacular take on helping people as a hardware store clerk.

Duration: 3:15