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Putin marks Victory Day amid ongoing assault of Ukraine

May 10, 2022


In Moscow and Kyiv on Monday, two countries at war fought over the meaning of what used to be the shared holiday of Victory Day, when Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet states celebrate the defeat of Nazi Germany. But instead this year, the Kremlin likened Ukrainians to Nazis and Ukrainians compared Russian actions to Nazi war crimes. Nick Schifrin reports.

Five Facts

  • Who celebrates “Victory Day” according to this segment?
  • What does Victory Day commemorate? 
  • When did Russia and Ukraine defeat Nazi Germany, and what other countries were involved?
  • Why do both Russian and Ukrainian leaders compare each other to Nazi Germany according to this piece?
  • How are civilians impacted by ongoing fighting in Ukraine, including the city of Mariupol?

Focus Questions

Why do you think the leaders of both opposing countries are using the same historic victory to rally their countries?

Media literacy: Why do you think this segment focused on both statements of national leadership around Victory Day and the ongoing impact of the war on civilians?

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