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Teachers' guide to LGBTQ youth resources

June 23, 2022

Updated June 23, 2022. Original article published June 4, 2015.

The following list of resources is designed to aid teachers looking for ways to support LGBTQ students.

Understanding LGBTQ youth

First Person | PBS Digital Studios 

This show on gender and sexuality features interviews with leading voices from the queer community, as well as educational videos on topics like asexuality and pronouns.

LGBT Youth Resources | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

The CDC provides a list of resources for parents and educators with a particular emphasis on health issues for LGBTQ youth.

Young Adult Issues | GLAAD 

A continually-updated breakdown of LGBTQ movies, TV shows, and pop culture, as well as features of prominent LGBTQ actors, actresses, songwriters, and more.

The Parents Project  | Everyone is Gay

An informational website with support resources and advice for adults with LGBTQ kids and young adults in their lives.

Mental health resources


The Trevor Project

This organization provides a 24/7 suicide prevention hotline for LGBT young adults.

GLBT National Health Center

Provides a peer counseling hotline for LGBT youth as well as online peer-support chats.

Stop Bullying

Information for adults on how to prevent bullying against LGBT youth.

PBS NewsHour coverage

House votes to expand legal safeguards for LGBTQ people | Article

Feb 25, 2021

The House passes the Equality Act, a bill prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identification in employment, housing, public accommodations, and other areas.

A photographer shines a light on queer couples of color | Video

June 19, 2021

Photographer Jamal Jordan shares his book, “Queer Love in Color,” a collection of photographs highlighting LGBTQ+ couples of color across the world.

Jackson Bird gets to be the transgender role model he needed as a kid| Video 

As a 25-year-old transgender man, Jackson Bird creates YouTube videos and hosts the podcast “Transmission” to educate others on transgender issues and create representation for transgender youth.

Other resources


Gender Spectrum

An educational organization that focuses on issues of gender identity and offers training materials for educators.

GSA Network

This organization connects Gay-Straight Alliance clubs at schools across the country, fostering acceptance and open conversation in communities.

It Gets Better

Featuring stories, videos, and educational resources, It Gets Better highlights uplifting stories of LGBTQ+ people. View their free teacher guides and lessons here.

State-by-state resource list

This list by Everyone is Gay shows a state-by-state breakdown of where LGBT youth can find support.

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