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Why Kansas' vote to preserve abortion rights has the country talking

August 4, 2022


Voters in Kansas turned out in record numbers on Aug. 2 and overwhelmingly rejected a proposed amendment that would have removed the right to an abortion from the state constitution and opened the door for the Republican-controlled legislature to pass restrictions or an outright ban. For a transcript, click here.

Five Facts

  • What would the proposed amendment have done?
  • How did the election-day outcome compare to experts’ predictions before the election? 
  • Where else will abortion be on the ballot this fall?
  • Which political party typically wins elections in Kansas?
  • Why is a measure protecting abortion rights expected to succeed in Michigan?

Focus Questions

What does the result in Kansas tell you about how the country feels about abortion? How much can you assume based on the result in one state?

Media literacy: What age group do you think PBS NewsHour created this content for? What could they do to reach or appeal to different age groups?

For More

Learn more about the 2022 Primaries with this Kahoot produced by PBS NewsHour Classroom!

What students can do:

If you are interested in the ways that elections in your area will affect the fight over abortion in your state or in the country as a whole, check out the resources below.

To find out if abortion is directly on the ballot in your state: 

To research the candidates running for office in your area and their positions on abortion and other issues, check out the VOTE411 Voter Guide:

Leo Kamin, a sophomore at Amherst College and Classroom’s summer intern, wrote today’s Daily News Lesson with editing by Vic Pasquantonio.

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